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Welome to the new SCBG discussion forums.  Use this to post any question on gardening topics, whether it be questions on Southern California gardening, or  a note on a highlight of your last visit to the South Coast Botanic Garden.


The Garden

I just stumbled across this site.  You've done a great job.


As a current touring docent, I love the list of currently blooming plants.  Those are the ones everyone always asks about.




Thanks for the kind words.  This is a time when a lot is happening on the website, so feedback is always welcome.

Future of the Gardens

Are there any plans of creating a section of the gardens dedicated to the culinary field (i.e. herbs, vegetables, etc.)?  My husband is a Chef and maintains the chef's gardens at the Fairmont Newport Beach.  We would love to see all the uinique products our climate can offer in the South Bay. 

We are in the planning stages of opening a restaurant in the South Bay over the next 6 months.  We thought how great it would be to have a location within the gardens that could use the ingredients grown on location.  The waste from the restaurant could then be composted and provided back in to the gardens.  Something our area is seriously lacking (and the Gardens could pioneer) - garden to table gourmet.  There also could be classes set up with the Chef to show how it's done. 

We'd love to speak to someone further if there is interest. 


We do have an have a new herb garden, and we also grow veggies.  Unfortunately these cannot be consumed: we are on a landfill, and regulations prohibit us from consuming food grown on the property due to the potential of contamination (heavy metals).

There might be other ways to promote this activity.  Call the Foundation office to discuss

Rose cocktail

A few years ago I went to a rose pruning demo at the SCBG and was given a recipe for a rose cocktail to apply after pruning. I mixed it myself for a couple of years then switched to buying it from Sunshine nursery but they have not sold any for the last couple of years. Can you post the recipe? Thanks

Robin Hill
Rose Cocktail Recipe

Here's the recipe for the Rose Cocktail that was sold by the Rolling Hills Nursery years ago:

1 Cup Gypsum

1 Tablespoon Soil Sulfur

1 Tablespoon Iron Chelate

1 Tablespoon Epsom Salt

Mix thoroughly and put 1 heaping cup on each rose.  Cultivate into the surrounding soil and water.

Site Event Rental


We would really like to rent the site for a special event. Is there any way we can reserve the space now?

Thank you.

Event Rental Inquiries

Hello and thank you for your inquiry about our special event space. 

For more information about space rentals, please contact Graham Armstrong at 310-544-6815.

We look forward to hosting your event at the Garden! 

Lectures and Classes

Every Saturday I read the LA Times "Home" section and see listings for lectures or classes at other gardens in Southern California, but rarely anything at South Coast Botanic Garden. Is there going to be an increase in lectures or classes that take place on the weekends or evenings. I have the impression that other gardens are offering more than South Coast Botanic Garden.

Thank you,

Brian Haig

Thank you for your post!

Hello Brian - 

Thank you for your recent post. While we have many classes and workshops being offered, they are not always posted in the LA Times Home section. PR and advertising for our events is something we are continuing to work on.

Please feel free to visit the Programs and Events or Calendar links of our website to see our latest events and classes.

We hope to see you at the Garden very soon!

More Classes

I wish the SCBG would have more classes or lectures regarding gardening and landscaping. Other gardens seem to offer more instructional opportunities. Most classes on the calendar are non-gardening.

Thank you for your post!

We are continuing to add more and more classes and lectures in the area of gardening and landscaping. SCBG is proud to offer a wide variety of classes and workshops that appeal to the various visitors that enjoy the Garden. 

Please feel free to visit the Programs and Events or Calendar links of our website to see our latest schedule. 

We hope to see you at the Garden very soon! 

Question about volunteering

Thank you for putting this site together.  We've lived in Palos Verdes and gardened here for over 25 years.  I was always curious about volunteering at the SCBG.  Are there any programs for volunteers?




Thank you for your post!

Lee - 

We are glad that you enjoy the site and have expressed an interest in volunteering at SCBG. 

For more information about our process, please contact Carol Howden at (310) 544-1948. You can also check the calendar for upcoming volunteer information sessions to get more information. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Garden soon! 


I am a long time resident on the Hill and have frequented the garden and taken classes there. I was happy to see your new electronic billboard announcing new classes, however, there is not a Class heading on your web site any longer that would allow me to see what the selection is so that I can sign up. That would seem to be a no brainer.

I did see a few random classes in other areas of your web site, but AS USUAL they are all during the week days and therefore not available for those of us who work for a living. A few evening and weekend classes would make it possible for us to participate.

I was also interested in volunteering, but again, your volunteering opportunities seem to be only for those who can come during the weekdays. Some of us would be happy to volunteer on the weekends if you made it possible.

Finally, and I have sent this suggestion to you before without any response, you really should get with the new age and have an e-mail distribution mailing list so that people, like me, can sign up to receive announcements about what is going on at the garden. I don't always drive down Crenshaw and if I don't, then I have no idea what is happening there. I even offered to volunteer to manage such an e-mail mailing list for you but have not heard from anyone.

If you want the garden to thrive, then you need to use technology to build up your response numbers in the community. Do you have an advancement department? Because it seems that you are missing numerous opportunities to advance the garden.

Suzan Webb

27125 Woodbrook Road

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA  90275

(310) 956-5787

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback. Staff and volunteers at South Coast Botanic Garden have worked very hard over the last couple of years to modernize various operational systems - including the usability of the website and the ways in which we communicate with our members and the community. It is an ever changing and dynamic process - one that has evolved over time and with helpful feedback from our members and those that frequent our website. 

We have discovered that those who are interested in classes look at our "Programs and Events" section for information. Once there, they find things categorized into their particular areas of interests. We are continually adding classes, programs and events not only during the week but in the evenings and on the weekends as well. For example, our members enjoy evening garden walks and this weekend, we are having a needle felting workshop

Historically, volunteering at SCBG had been done during the week. Currently, volunteer opportunities exist on the weekend as well. Just a couple months ago, we had close to 150 volunteers join us on community work day. Their help was invaluable. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact our office at (310) 544-1948 or email Carol Howden at

Lastly, many upgrades in technology have been made to our internal operating systems and we are using those advances to share the news with our members and those that request information from us. Currently members can elect to receive their quarterly newsletters via email. In addition, those who subscribe receive monthly updates as to what is taking place at the Garden. This same information can also be found on our home page as well. We also like to interact with and update our followers on Facebook. In addition, we've added advances such as online sign-ups for memberships and donations. We are currently working to add the ability to sign-up for classes online. We have embraced technology and have heard great feedback from those that use the services. 

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. If you'd like to be added to our email list, please forward your information to

We look forward to your next visit at South Coast Botanic Garden! 

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