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Master Gardeners offer Training Programs in Sustainable Landscaping


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$5 donation to Foundation

Instructor:  Elizabeth Sala – Master Gardener

Have you wondered what to do in your backyard and garden to maintain/improve the quality of our water, to lower the carbon-footprint of your household and to improve the health of planet Earth? You can learn some easy and practical ways to make your landscape sustainable from Master Gardener Experts who are trained to help you create a healthier garden and yard.

The University of California’s goal, through the Master Gardener Volunteers, is to encourage backyard gardeners to move toward improving urban water quality and conservation, using safe pest management practices, improving fertilizer efficiency, increasing recycling and composting, reducing energy and encouraging wildlife in urban areas.

Minimum of 5 registrants one week prior to class needed to start class.  Pre-registration recommended. 


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