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Ocean Friendly Garden Class

Classroom A

Presented by the Surfrider Foundation in conjunction with West Basin Municipal Water District

Instructor: Pamela Burstler

Class included with paid garden admission.

Ocean Friendly Gardens "apply CPR-Conservation, Permeability and Retention-to revive our oceans and watersheds":

  • Conservation - of water; fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides (water pollutants); energy (moving water around the state is the #1 user of energy); and reduce the use of gas-powered maintenance machinery (air pollutants) through use of native and/or climate adapted plants;
  • Permeability -increased, utilizing materials that allow water to percolate into the soil such as with a driveway, walkway, and patio;
  • Retention -devices installed such as a bio-swale, drycreek, dry wall, etc.
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