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Events: Gardening

Wed, 11/12 5:30pm


September 10, 24, October 8, 22, November 12

Included with paid Garden Admission

Instructor: Water Replenishment District of Southern California


The five-series course educates participants in sustainable strategies for conserving water by using native plants, implementing California-friendly landscape design and maintenance, and utilizing drip irrigation systems, edible gardens and mulch. The program also focuses on soil types and how to mitigate them for best gardening results, as well as the importance of sun patterns and microclimates.


Sun, 11/16 12:00pm

Shop: Cornish Courtyard

Learn: Classroom B

Included with paid Garden admission

Speaker: Laurel Woodley


Learn about how Tillandsia are able to grow in trees without any soil and how you might incorporate them into your landscape. Examples of other epiphytes will be mentioned including staghorn ferns, orchids and other kinds of bromeliads. What you need to know about how to grow these specialty plants will be addressed and there will be ample opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.


Sun, 11/16 2:00pm

Lecture included with paid Garden admission      

Expert grower, Leonardo Re, will lecture about the care and culture of the African Violet. Learn how to put down a leaf, repot a mature plant, rejuvenate a plant with a long neck, and remove a sucker. Plants will be available to purchase.