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Succulent Grape

This succulent grape is grown for its large,  blue/green and somewhat velvet/fuzzy-textured foliage. In time this drought hardy plant will grow to 36-48 inches tall with a pachycaul stem used for water storage. Cyphostemma does best in full sun and will go deciduous during the winter months.  The grape-like fruit are toxic.  Photos by Laurel Woodley

Cyphostemma juttae has a succulent stem for water storage
Succulent Grape makes fruit that should not be eaten
Cyphostemma juttae flowers are very small
Cyphostemma juttae new leaves are red and serrated along the margin
Latin Name: 
Cyphostemma juttae
Family Name: 
Place of Origin: 
Namibia, Africa
Bloom Time: 
Plant Types: 
Garden Location: 
Cactus Garden