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South Coast Cactus & Succulent Society Meeting & Guest Lecture

Frances Young Hall

The Cactus & Succulent Society meets in the Hall, with the exception of May, June, and December.  Due to other events they will meet in the classrooms. Second Sunday of the month.

For additional information contact society president Dale La Forest at (310) 618-9886

South Coast Cactus & Succulent Society

Jon P. Rebman, Curator of Botany, San Diego Natural History Museum, will present “Baja California and Opuntioid Diversity.” Dr. Rebman, the co-author of a new edition of the Baja California Plant Field Guide, is an active field botanist who has discovered and described several new plant species. Come learn about the diverse cactus and succulents of the Baja peninsula and see that there is more to it than just prickly pears.

Lecture is at 1:30 p.m. For more information visit or email

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