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South Coast Fuchsia Society Meeting with Guest Lecturer - Sustainable Sam, AKA Jeremy Samson

Classroom B

Recycling Pallets into Planters

Sustainable Sam has a vision for the world, a world where everyone is empowered to grow his or her own fresh, nutritious, delicious food.  He believes in the joy of seeing that first sprout in the soil and the pride and excitement of harvesting the resulting crop.  He will discuss the way to use soil and water in a sustainable, environmentally safe manner.  

Sam became interested in wood-working while renovating his grandparent’s ranch home.  He loved working with used wood and making it into something useful rather than discarding it.  This love of creating with his own hands something of beauty and use led Sam to his business of garden consultant.    He reuses discarded palettes or other used wood to create vegetable planters for gardens, patios, decks, and side gardens.  In addition to gardening consultations, Sam designs and constructs wood pallet planters, art designs and candle holders.

The South Coast Fuchsia Society meets the second Monday of the month at South Coast Botanic Garden.

For additional information contact Marsha Hopwood at (310) 374-3255


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