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The start of spring is always an exciting time in the Garden and it may just be the most exciting yet! From our many new events to our innovative classes we’re pleased to unveil these activities to help you ‘grow’ along with our Garden. Be sure to stop by, take in the sights and get involved!

Click on the links below for more information or visit our Facebook Events Page to invite your friends and family to specific events or classes. Register today to ensure a place in your class!

8: CANCELLED South Bay Rare Fruit Growers: Open Orchard – 9:00 am 

8: South Coast African Violet Show & Sale – 10:30 pm 

8: NEW! Introduction to Yoga: Union of Body & Mind Workshop – 1:30 pm

11: Peewee Picasso! (Class Begins) – 9:30 am 

11: Ikebana – Advanced Floral Design (Class Begins) – 10:00 am 

11: Play Dough and Picasso! (Class Begins) – 10:45 am 

11: Ikebana – Beginner/ Intermediate Floral Design (Class Begins) – 1:00 pm 

11: Awesome Art! (Class Begins) – 5:00 pm 

12: Experimenting with Colored Pencils (Class Begins) – 1:00 pm 

13: Successful Gardens (Class Begins) – 10:00 am 

14: Oriental Impressionistic Watercolor (Class Begins) – 9:00 am

15: NEW! Yoga in the Garden (Class Begins) – 9:00 am 

15: NEW! Chen Bing Academy – Taiji (Tai Chi) in the Garden (Class Begins) – 10:30 am 

15: Beginning Drawing in the Garden (Class Begins) – 12:30 pm 

15: Beginning Digital Photography (Class Begins) – 1:00 pm 

16: NEW! Springtime Gifts for the Garden Lover – 9:00 am 

16: Mosaic Workshop – 12:00 am 

20: One Stroke Painting: Series 1 (Class Begins) – 10:00 am 

22: A Faery Hunt Presents: Fairy Time in the Enchanted Garden – 9:30 am 

23: NEW! Garden Shop and Learn – Clivia and Aloe – 12:00 pm 

29: NEW! Medicine-making Basics: Creams and Lotions – 10:00 am 

29: NEW! Garden Lecture – Heirloom Tomatoes: Past, Present and Future and Sale – 1:30 pm 


For more information or to sign up for classes, please call: 

Guest Services at (310) 544-1948. 



We are very pleased to welcome Yoga in the Garden  on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am – 10:15 am starting on March 15th.

If you'd like to start slow on your journey into healthier lifestyles or just want a refresher, we also have an Introduction to Yoga: Union of Body & Mind Workshop on March 8th at 1:30 pm.

Nicole Fagone of Hummingbird Yoga will lead you through yoga sets energizing and rejuvenating each chakra: a wonderful benefit for the body and mind whether taken in the series or separately. 

All levels encouraged.

3/15- Yoga for the root chakra! Colon & elimination organs.  The root chakra is associated with foundation, survival, security, habit and self-acceptance.

3/22 - Yoga for the second chakra!  Reproductive system, kidneys & bladder.  The second chakra is associated with desires, feelings and creativity.

3/29 - Yoga for the third chakra!  Liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas & adrenals. The third chakra or naval chakra is associated with confidence, willpower, personal power and commitment.

4/5 - Yoga for the heart chakra! - Heart, lungs & thymus gland.  The heart chakra is associated with spiritual awareness, forgiveness, and service.

4/12 - Yoga for the throat chakra! - Trachea, throat, cervical vertebrae & thyroid.

The throat chakra is associated with truth, self-expression, and communication.

4/19 - Yoga for the sixth chakra - Brain & pituitary gland (Third Eye).  The 6th chakra is associated with wisdom and identity.

4/26 - Yoga for the crown chakra! - Brain & pineal gland.  The 7th chakra is associated with humility, vastness and transcendence.


Please bring your own yoga mat or contact the instructor ahead of time to purchase a mat for $8.00. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle if you prefer.

Class Price is $70 members / $80 non-members

**Drop-ins on the day of the class are allowed for $12 per class for members and $15 per class for non-members. Please register at the Guest Services Center.

Facebook Event: Here