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NEW! Herbal Allies for Digestive Health - Summer 2014

Classroom B

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Location: Classroom B
Cost: $25 members / $35 non-members
$5 materials fee (payable to instructor) 
Instructor: Julie James, Certified Herbalist, Master Gardener

The digestive system is our first line of defense for immune response, and first to react to elevated stress. It responds to smells, thoughts and emotions with dramatic changes in activity, and when damaged, can lead to massive disruption of every body system.
Needless to say, healthy digestion is the foundation of good health. Virtually every other health goal you may have in mind requires strong, healthy digestion as a prerequisite.

In this class we'll learn the basics of how the digestive system works, what's involved in imbalances, and how to restore healthy functioning. And we'll make tea and some tincture blends for healing and support, so that everyone gets goodies to sample, and to take home.


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