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Clusia sp.

Clusia is a New World genus that ranges from Florida to Southern Brazil with an estimated 250-300 species.  The specimen at SCBG was accessioned as Clusia rosea but the flowers do not match that description.  There appears to be a similar specimen in Barboa Park, San Diego County with the same Clusia rosea name.  If anyone can enlighten us on its real name please contact the staff.  Photos by Laurel Woodley

Clusia sp. has white petals and yellow floral resin
Clusia sp. with day old floral resin structures.
Clusia sp. a section view of the flower
Clusia sp. has large paddle-like leaves
Latin Name: 
Clusia sp.
Family Name: 
Clusiaceae (Guttiferae)
Place of Origin: 
Bloom Time: 
Garden Location: 
Tram Road in lawn across from Maze